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The Memorial on Red Hill
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June 12 on the Kulikovo Field celebrations were held on the occasion of the Day of Russia.

- Happy holiday! - greeted each other with tourists on this day
- Happy holiday! - Answered them in the organizing committee.
- With which? - someone asked in response from the crowd.
- With the Day of Russia, - the chorus ran from all sides.
- And what about Russia? ..

For someone - in the capital, for someone - in the home yard or on the central street of a small town or megalopolis, for someone - on Kulikovo field ... We live in Russia: Tatars and Russians, Ukrainians and Vietnamese, Jews and Cossacks ... We are all part of one country, together we create its history, and even in the place where Russia was born. From scattered principalities, from internecine strife, in unity, in a common goal, against strangers and for their culture ... Here, on the Kulikovo field, our ancestors defended the right to their own path. And on the main state holiday of Russia, we again recall this.

At the temple of Sergiy Radonezhsky, just parked tourists told their children about the Kulikovo field. "The Horde conquered the Russian lands, we paid tribute to them for many years, but the army of Mamaia was defeated ..." Someone from the arrivals was in a hurry to the scene. In the hands - folk costumes of all colors and styles. For the first time at the festival, various ethnic groups living in the territory of the Tula region united. Diasporas of Tula Armenians, Novomoskovsk Tatars, Nenets Cossacks, German community from Efremov, Vietnamese students from the pedagogical university came with their "visiting cards" - folk concert numbers and traditional games.

After the service in the temple of Sergiy Radonezhsky to the monument-column of Dmitry Donskoy, the gathered went to the friendly bow. Girls in traditional medieval dresses, warriors in armor, Cossacks with gonfalons, walked along the central avenue to the monument and laid fluffy bunches of feather grass. The steppe blossoms, just barely let out its silvery awns symbol of the Kulikovo field.

Tribute to the memory of the soldiers of the 14th century was also given by the future defenders of the Fatherland. Traditionally, on the Day of Russia on the Kulikovo Field, the best draftees of the Tula region, or rather the Kulikovites from Uzlovsky, Novomoskovsky, Kimovsky, Kurkinsky, Bogoroditsky districts, were escorted into the army. There were farewell words from military officers, from parents and Archimandrite Lavr. The guys drank from the common brat of the holy water and broke one for all the loaf. The folklore ensemble "Uslada" revived the rite of seeing-off to the army, and for almost a decade the Tula collective under the ancient Cossack songs honored defenders of Russia in the summer and autumn. In memory of this day the young men were handed medallions with the image of the oldest monument of military glory - a monument to the column to Dmitry Donskoy. We wished the future military fortitude, preserve the memory of our native land, draw strength from it in the time of separation from home and loved ones, feel the friendly shoulder next to each other. And how to go to victory and the common goal in the team taught the guys heroes. On the Day of Russia, a new meeting of fans of extreme power was held.

Muscovites and Tula were again taking part in the "Bogatyrsky Games" on Kulikovo Field. The latter have won here for several years. But to whom the luck will be favorable this time, it was not known. Both teams lost due to injuries of athletes, the compositions changed, and this year the Kulikovo field followed the fierce struggle. Participants had to go through the power roundabout, most of all to transfer through the bar at a five-meter height twenty-kilogram weight, run the baton with a gun weighing one hundred and thirty kilograms. Levels went teams, up to a tenth of a second in the disciplines at the time. Tying of the rope was the decisive match. And again victory for the Tula!

The traditional Krasnokholmsky Fair, one of the oldest elements of the Kulikovo holidays for two centuries, is a new museum that has just opened its exhibitions for visitors ... The people who fell in love and new called the Day of Russia on the Kulikovo Field. A lot of interesting things are waiting for guests here on weekdays, and on a regular day off!

Where is the museum and what is interesting nearby