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Memorial on the Red Hill

Memorial on the Red Hill

Russian Federation, Tula Region, Kurkino district, Ivanovka village
Phone: +7 (48743)3-12-44 (Russian speaking)
              +7 (4872) 36-28-34 (English speaking)
E-mail: tourism@kulpole.tula.net

Working hours of excursion department:
Summer period (April 27- September 30): from 10.00 am till 17.00 pm
  Without day offs
Winter Period (October 07- April 26): from 10.00 am till 04.00 pm
Day off – Tuesday

   Memorial on the Red Hill is composed of the oldest monument of military glory of Russia - the Monument-Column to Dmitry Donskoy and the Temple-Monument in the name of St. Sergeus of Radonezh.
   The obelisk was designed by  A. Brjulov. The main goal of its construction was to perpetuate the memory of a hero Dmitry Donskoy and the victory of his host over the Golden Horde.  The monument was open on September 8, 1850 during the celebrations of the 470 anniversary of the Battle of Kulikovo. There also was a project to build a small museum next to the monument but in the 19th century this idea was not realized. For the guarding of the column service buildings for retired soldiers were constructed near the monument. The main soldiers’ duty was to guard the monument but they also became the first guides on the Red Hill.
   From 1913-1917 by initiative of Tula clergy, the Temple-Monument in the name of St. Sergius of Radonezh was erected on the Red Hill.  Architecture A. Schusev planned to create an organic ensemble consisting of the temple and the monument-column.  Also, he planned to create an exposition inside of the temple and to tell about the Battle of Kulikovo for all comers. However, this idea was realized many decades later when the Branch of Tula District Local History museum was open on the Red Hill.
   The Branch of Tula District Local History museum was founded on the Kulikovo Field in 1965.   Till 1967 it was located in a small house next to the temple-monument. Klavdia Alekseeva - the first employee of the museum, lived and worked at this site. A small photo exhibition was open in the house and it was devoted to the Battle of Kulikovo. With the beginning of the temple restoration the exhibit moved to one of the towers, and the memorial exposition devoted to the Battle of Kulikovo was open with a formal ceremony on September 8, 1980.
   The State Museum-Preserve “The Kulikovo Field” was created by the Governmental Regulation of the Russian Federation  on the basis of the law of the Russian Federation “ about the days of military glory of Russia” on October 14,  1996.   The Museum-Memorial Complex on the Red Hill, the Monument-Column and monuments of Kulikovo Field were held over to the State Museum-Preserve “The Kulikovo Field”
The Temple-Monument in the name of St. Sergius of Radonezh was in collective ownership of both the Museum-Preserve and the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius.  In 2002 the exposition “For the Russian Land and the Christian Faith” was open in the temple.  Works of Moscow literature of the 14th-15th centuries became a basis for exposition and illustrated the main events of the battle.
   In 2010 the temple was handed over to the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius, and the museum stopped its existence.  Nowadays the temple is restored and its inner walls are decorated with paintings.
   November 8, 2011 the foundation stone was established not far from the Red Hill near the village of Mokhovoye.  This event marked the beginning of construction of the new museum complex on the site of the battle. The shape of the memorial on the Red Hill was also changed. Today the same as 150 years ago guard houses were restored and became offices for the museum’s guard and staff.
   The Temple-Monument in the name of St. Sergius of Radonezh and the cultural objects on the Red Hill are still open for visitors. All newcomers can take an excursion and to know about the First Russian Battlefield as well as to visit the temple-monument in any comfortable time.