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Museum and Exhibition center “Tula Antiquities”

Museum and Exhibition center “Tula Antiquities”

47 Lenin ave, Tula.
 +7 (4872)36-16-63 (Russian speaking)
 +7 (4872) 36-28-34 (English speaking)
Working hours:
From 10.00 am till 5.00 pm
Day off the last Wednesday of each month

Museum and Exhibition Center “Tula Antiquities”
   Museum and Exhibition Center “Tula Antiquities” is located in the center of Tula in the old estate belonged to a famous and very rich merchant whose name was Ermolaev-Zverev. After the revolution of 1917 this house was given under the State control. And in 1993 Municipal Historical-Archeological Museum named after N.I. Troitsky – the famous Tula ethnographer and public Figure- was open. In 1997 the Museum and Exhibition Center “Tula Antiquities” became a branch establishment of the State Museum of Military History and Natural Reserve “The Kulikovo Field”. Today our museum has two expositions: “the Archeological” and “the Secrets of Tula Craftsmen”.

“The Archeological Exhibition”

   “The Archeological Exhibition” features a classical archeological exhibition with its various articles and some unique artifacts. Here you will see mammoth bones, fragments of ceramics, real tools of the Stone Ages, items of tools and arms made of iron, bronze, glass decorations, and the trade items of Bronze and Iron Ages. You will be acquainted with a process of making stone tools, such as stone axes and arrows.
You will have a unique chance to watch original fictile furnace of the 12th century brought from the place of the archeological excavations on the place of  ancient Russian settlement Monastyirshchino (area of the Kulikovo Field); you will know about pottery and iron producing, woodwork trade and agriculture of the medieval Russia.

“The Secrets of Tula Craftsmen”

   “The Secrets of Tula Craftsmen” is a unique exposition. You have a great opportunity to visit a Russian Izba (a small peasant house made of wood) with an interior of the 16th century. According to excursion, izba belongs to not very rich craftsmen. And it contains of three sectors: “a dwelling part”, a “pottery” and a “smithy”. This exposition is quite extraordinary there you can touch and examine all the things by your own touch and even taste. In the “Dwelling” part you will be acquainted with the real life of Russian peasants, with their traditions, with their order of a day. In the “pottery” you will know about pottery traditions of Tula region and have an opportunity to paint a clay toy the way it did potters hundreds years ago. Also, during excursion you will know about iron production. Tula is the city of smiths, and you may become one of them and to make a souvenir coin by yourself.