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A unique artifact from the 14th century has been found at Kulikovo Field Else gallery

A unique artifact from the 14th century has been found at Kulikovo Field

   The unique artifact was discovered by archeologists from the museum-preserve “The Kulikovo Field” during reconnaissance work at the site of an ancient Russian settlement on the Mokraya Tabola River.
An intact cast-iron cauldron was found during excavations of the upper part of medieval building. Until archeologists made this find, they detected more than one hundred fragments of such items. All of them were brought to this site from distant settlements of the Golden Horde.  This is the first intact sample of a cast-iron cauldron that has been found in more than 30 years of archeological research at Kulikovo Field.
The traces of cauldron repairs witness that this kind of import was quite expensive for the population. For example, the upper part of the rim was welded with an iron patch and the neck itself was tightened with a special movable iron clamp.  Earlier archeologists found fragments of patches and strainers, but only now they saw this kind of repair on an intact item for the first time.
   Besides this artifact, archeologists gathered a large collection of ceramic material from the 13th and 14th centuries. They also discovered traces of medieval metallurgy production, more than 400 household utensils, instruments, jewelry, and armory from those times. A silver Golden Horde coin confirmed the dating given by archeologists. It was minted during the rule of Khan Dzhanibek in 1351.