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Archaeological conference on the Kulikovo Field

Archaeological conference on the Kulikovo Field

   November 13-17, 2012, the 4th international conference took place on the Kulikovo Field. The theme was “Forest and forest-steppe zones of the East Europe in the epoch of Rome influence and the great migration of people”.
   The conference was organized by the State Museum-Preserve “The Kulikovo field” in common with Archeological Institute  RAS. The traditions of its conduction started in 2006, and it became wide know among archeologists working on that subject.  
   This year, our conference met specialists form such countries as Russia, Serbia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Poland and Germany.
The special place was paid to the artifacts found on the shores of the Don and the Oka rivers. It was caused not only by the place of the conference but also by that fact that it is the key Region in the system of contacts between the cultures of East Europe.