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Hotel of the State Museum – Preserve “the Kulikovo filed” Else gallery

Hotel of the State Museum – Preserve “the Kulikovo filed”

   The hotel is situated in the village of Monastyrshchino, which is nearby the museum of the Kulikovo battle and just 2 km/1.24 miles from the battlefield.
The Hotel on the Kulikovo filed is a unique opportunity to have rest in comfort far away from the bustle of the city, to become acquainted with cultural-historical and museums attractions, enjoy the unique natural scenery of the Kulikovo field. What to see
The Hotel on the Kulikovo field is a comfortable place for the rest of auto-travelers and the transit touristic groups; it is situated close to the major transit highways, which are connecting such big cities as Moscow, Ryazan, Yelets, Lipetsk, Voronezh and Tula.  
 Address of the Hotel on the Kulikovo filed:
Russian Federation, Tula region, Kimovsk district, Monastyrshchino village
Applications for reservation are accepted in travel department of the Museum-Preserve “the Kulikovo filed” by the phone: +007 (4872) 36-28-34, e-mail: tourism@kulpole.tula.net

Table of distance till Monastyrshchino village

Center of population


Moscow –Monastyrshchino village


Tula – Monastyrshchino village


Ryazan – Monastyrshchino village


Lipetsk – Monastyrshchino village


Yelets – Monastyrshchino village


Voronezh –Monastyrshchino village


   Hotel consists of the main building and cottages. In the main building, the administration of the hotel, a conference hall and a banquet hall are situated. Each of the cottages (students and professorial) are equipped by equipped kitchen and dining rooms.There are three types of rooms in our hotel; they are single, double, and triple rooms, in which all the conditions of comfortable living are created. The hotel can accommodate 38 guests.

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