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   Interregional military-sport game “Quick March “the Kulikovo Field””
   February 21
   The day of the event, young people will gather together on the First Russian Battlefield. They will cross swords, shoot a rifle and work with a metal detector. They will also participate in a quick march for 10 kilometers and test their knowledge of history.

Bylina – the Festival of National Traditions
May 17
   The festival of National Traditions will open the new touristic season on the Kulikovo Field. During that Festival you can get acquainted with Traditions of Russian Nation, with its music, dances, military traditions and cuisine.  All the actions are free and sponsored by the Fond of national development “Our Children”.

Bard Song Festival “Kulikovo Field”

May 30 - June 1
  Our festival is habituated to a memorial day of the Blessed Grand prince of Moscow Dmitry Donskoy. People of different ages, professions and Hundreds of authors and singers will come together to sing songs, to have a heart talk with friends on the first Russian battlefield.

Russia day on “the Kulikovo Field”

June, 12
Russian Day is one of the most important holidays in Russian Federation – the holiday of a freedom, of a civil peace and kind agreement of all people on the basis of law and justice. This Holiday is a symbol of national unification and general responsibility for future and present. On June, 12 1990, the Russian parliament formally declared its sovereignty from the Soviet Union and the new period of Russian history had begun.
On September 8th, 1380 Dmitry Donskoy's army gains the victory over Mamai, who was a Mongolian leader. The great battle took place on the Kulikovo field.
From this point the new period of Russian history had begun, the period of unification different separated princedoms under the name of what we call Russia today. That’s why we celebrate this holiday on the “Kulikovo Field”.

  • weightlifting tournament;
  • kite festival;
  • concert;
  • summer Red Hill Fair

Provincial Craft Fair in Epifan village
August 9

   Epifan is an ancient Russian town. It was founded in 1571 on the banks of the Don River. Its comfortable location at the crossing of roads and the waterway, largely determined the towns future as a trade center. In the 19th century, crafts fairs were held in Epifan village three times a year. Keeping tradition up, the State Museum of Military History and Natural Preserve “The Kulikovo Field” arranges the craft fair once a year in August.
   At the Epifans Fair, you have the opportunity to see a lot of craftsmen, farmers and creative groups. Potters and smiths will create their masterpieces right before your eyes. If you want to purchase their handcrafts or souvenirs, which come from all over Russia, then you need to visit our Fair on August 9, 2014.

  • honey selling of this year's harvest;
  • concert program ”We love the Don River and we’re glorifying it”;
  • exhibition-selling of craftsmen masterpieces;
  • master-classes of craftsmen

634 anniversary of the Kulikovo Battle

September 18, 20
   The celebration honoring the anniversary of the Battle of Kulikovo will start with the history festival on September 18. Delegations from the military and historical reenactors will gather together on the Don River, not far from the village of Tatinki. In older times, Russia and the Golden Horde fought against each other, but today, warriors from both countries will forget their differences and live together in one camp in peace and harmony. All guests will be able to visit this camp from September 18-21.
   The most anticipated event in the Kulikovo Field will be on September 20. Annually, Kulikovo Field becomes the center of Russian celebrations of glory, devoted to the Battle of Kulikovo. That day, visitors have an extraordinary opportunity to see about one thousand members of the Medieval Reenactors group. They will perform the spectacular and thrilling show, using reconstructed medieval armory. It is the largest medieval reenactment performance in Russia and it is really worth seeing.


•    Reconstruction of the Kulikovo battle;
•    Participants’ tournaments;
•    Medieval Military camps;
•    Red hill fair.

All-Russian action of memory “ the Wood of Green Oaks ”

   The All-Russian action of memory is held under the motto “I do remember! I am proud” and has a charitable purpose. Charity Action will be held to perpetuate those warriors who died on the battles for the Motherland at all times.
   For the first time the act of charity was held in May, 2005 and was blessed by Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Aleksiy the 2.
Hundreds of guests visit the Kulikovo Field annually and take part in all-Russian action of memory “the Wood of Green Oaks ”.